The funeral

The first decision to be made for any funeral service is whether it is a burial or a cremation.

You will also need to decide where the service will be held, this may be at our chapel of rest, a church or place of worship, a crematorium, the graveside or any other suitable venue.

The funeral service

The arranging of the funeral service involves many elements. The funeral service is a way of saying goodbye to your loved one and so we are here to ensure that any arrangements meet your needs. We will take care of all the details. We will listen carefully to your requirements, help you make important and difficult decisions, and we will take responsibility for ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day.

Chapel organMusic and hymns

We are able to give advice on all aspects of music for the funeral service and make the necessary arrangements that meet your requirements and which add a personal touch to the service. We will liaise with the celebrants and musicians to ensure that the funeral service reflects the wishes of your loved one and is a comfort to those left behind.

Transport for the funeral service

We have access to a fleet of vehicles to meet your needs.  Please discuss your transport requirements with your funeral director. They will guide you in choosing suitable vehicles to transport you on the day of the funeral.

Staff and cars

Funeral flowers and charitable donations

There are a wide variety of funeral flowers to choose from. We can help you with the ordering of flowers and can also record or collect the card messages for you. Many people prefer charitable donations in lieu of flowers. It is likely you will have a charity or good cause in mind that would benefit from a collection at the funeral service and which would represent a fitting tribute to your loved one. We will organise the charity collection for you.